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Lets see how the USDA likes what we about to do..

Yes that’s right I’m going green is the plan. At some point in life we have to move forward and progress, learn to adjust with the times and technology in every aspect that confronts us and that is exactly what happened. I was slapped in the face with numerous signs and messages that just bothered me until I went and had to see for myself.

My father called me “Acido ” yes Acid because everything I got my hands on I tore apart and put it back together to see what made it work and sometimes I still do the same , Old habits die hard as they say. Well as most of you know I fell into gardening because the area where we settled is the best region for growing almost anything year round and boy did that spark some new life in our proximity. My wife can’t understand where the green thumb came from because in the decade we have been together I had helped her start a garden in Louisville prior to moving to Oregon and well from what I understand It was quite a scene. But she’s to blame for that one because I didn’t do anything but clear the area of grass and turn over the dirt. We both dropped the seeds and she took care of it while I worked on the road that year. Now shes seemed to have forgotten this because the story according to her is She don’t understand where all of a sudden everything I touch grows. Our land lady feels the same way but seriously I just make sure they get watered and don’t dry out which is the biggest reason for a garden to fail.

I had a bright idea to look into water gardens because I saw a video that claimed the usda and the agricultural department were removing the video wherever it played because it showed how to grow your own fish and veggies using both to sustain each other and never really waste hardly any water doing so, Which really got my attention.

Now I have stumbled upon a farming method that recycles water and creates an ecosystem that is very much self sustainable and cost effective regardless of the type of power supplying the pumps filters or lighting if any at all. Yes we’re using modern and old fashioned technology with some plain ole common sense.  I have stumbled on something so simple it’s stupid simple and we all learn these basic physics and natural science in grade school.

I have some extensive experience in construction, manufacturing, creating and wood working that such a task would take a journeyman from many aspects of building to complete the tall order and wide variety of skills.

This operation will involve raising fish and maintaining water quality while remaining green and producing edible organic veggies that would entice any adult to pull out their wallet to take some home. The lot will be graded to drain rain into a reservoir pond which will have a natural filter serving both ponds the second one being located in the greenhouses or in the middle moving water up to pipes using a paddle wheel and physics to feed the plants and aerate the fish pond which produces the nitrites, nitrates and alkaline that the plants , enzymes needed to grow produce worthy of any supermarket display.

The reservoir will also have a paddle wheel to deliver water from pond to pond and filters constantly working together utilizing the drainage from the hydroponic pipelines pushing the paddles downward and carrying the water up to the next series of pipes. A vicious circle that with the right planning and hard work has no reason it can’t make patent history. The pipe system is registered provisionally and has the potential to insure the life of the plants or a simple failsafe worth every penny for the pipe from us. The plants will live for up to 3 days depending on weather conditions shall the water supply stop, Something that crippled most hydroponic growers if they fell victim to a faulty hose or outage. #hydroponic #puddlepipe #system  One of the conditions of the land use agreement is to remain green and not use public utilities. So solar energy and physics will play major roles in the project and a signed land contract will be enough to kick it into high gear.

We will keep you updated with the proposal and wish us luck cause this one will need financing and any help or contributions. The rent on the acre of space is very affordable so this project is very close to being a pipedream come true with help from some great friends willing to give a hand and willing to trade for work in other arenas.


Recycling water over and over with a 5-10% depletion rate with the same 100 gallons just using a dechlorinator to keep from hurting fish while adding new fresh water if weather forces the plants to drink more  water. Professional fish farmers introduce 10% new water daily. Fish will eat up to 1/3 their weight daily and enjoy lettuce cabbage and citrus as treats and good source of nutrition.

Wish us luck and thank you for coming by to read the latest in the Pimpmytattoo world and our blog. More updates regularly.

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I’m back…

Sometimes you just have to go get those unfinished tasks and finish what you start. That list WAS long.  On to better things now.  Stay tuned…


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Bringing the tattoo show comes with a price before we ever do a tattoo

Pimpmytattoo is a compilation of our personal experiences on the road at shows , shops, events, and our favorite of all tattoo conventions. Usually by the time the holidays have past us by we are eager to get back to work. The cost of such endeavors gets up there and someone has to cover that expense so most tattoo artists will band up into groups that get along of course and some learn the hard way. Any way we slice it we all are trying to save a buck where we can because when the tattoo show comes around every agency and vendor gets in our pockets somehow. People wonder why tattoos are so expensive so we aim to explain a bit of that over the next few blog posts but this will give you a taste for why.

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To tattoo at a tattoo expo first we have the booth cost that also comes with some health fees, sharps disposal, motel room, travel ( flight, taxi, luggage,fuel )  food, tattoo supplies, disposable razors, trash receptacle or lamps electricity at some events is not free. So we have a magic number that was the ever present total after several years of traveling to shows we wound up with a well rounded $1000 bill cost per event. The advantage to doing a 2 or 3 day show is a few things and it’s mostly the booth cost but the profit margin is sometimes decided by friday’s turnout and whether you landed a tattoo or not on friday night. To my surprise and experience if I did not land a friday tattoo or be slammed busy the weekend was not going to be a good one.

There are many factors in having a great turn out at a event. The bill or event lineup sometimes will draw a great crowd and keep everyone busy that’s there to tattoo or compete which brings us to the next subject in this blog. Award winning artists are usually focused on awards and awards only so the crowd kinda suffers some because they mostly bring clients from home they are tattooing a few times a week for shows and presentations. They donate many hours and discount those clients that make a effort to be involved with the award winning process. Ambition is a big deal in tattooing because everyone wants to get what they are worth in the end.

Tattooing has evolved from being a backstreet alley entrance or a private hush hush thing to a widely publicized phenomenon landing many lucky talented artists careers on the silver screen. Everyone has come to the conclusion that being a tattoo artist is a dream job for any eager and talented teenager these days. there are state certified schools that offer guidance as do we to those that ask. We do offer a limited apprenticeship to those already tattooing that want to go to a much higher level.

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The tools we use to do this work is not cheap by any means so it takes some time to save for a apprenticeship and we have a answer for that also. Most mentors that teach tattooing will have a budget set aside to take from those fees they charge to hand off a complete tattoo set up once set free from a apprenticeship. So there a long road to reach that point in any artists career and some want to skip that and just be a prodigy but that works in reverse so we don’t want to do that. It’s like wanting to learn the restaurant business  and own one some day. There is a process to running a operation so you have to learn all the jobs in that place from the nastiest one to the easiest and best paying one. or you will fail or stumble along the way.

So the reason for this post was to show some legitimate reasons why tattooing is so expensive for us artists that work this industry on the road or in a shop. We have expenses that are being added to all the time by the agencies that govern our trade and those that make the tools we use. Most forget this is our job not a hobby that for some starts as one but even as a hobby still costs to operate . We continue to have the problem with people coming to shop and haven’t had a tattoo in 30 years that are floored to find out the cost. the cost in the 80’s was not far off from today because I was there so the artist has basically gone a quarter century taking the hit at every turn of the market and have not exactly raised the worth of a tattoo other than at a exposition or tattoo convention where the cost to do business is high. Mind you the artist that come across 10 states to attend a show are leaving home , family, their business and paying in advance for the opportunity to tattoo you and hope you will stay long enough to enter the piece in a contest and try to send them home as a award winning artist for their trouble.

This point is only understood when someone lays it out for them and they really see the trouble we traveling tattoo artists endor to bring you the love of art.

I will update this with some info In a few.


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          Clips from our adventures is what you get and we never have a script it just happens.

What you see is what you get.  This particular song came to us in a bundle of 4 that all had their qualities but as I said this one hit home like no other.  It truly tells our story and as you’ll  find in the clips it kinda tells a story.  Hope you go check out the show and add yourselfs to our pages.  Just search for “pimpmytattoo show or Victor delosAngeles on almost any major social media but we will add a list of links all landing you to pimpmytattoo content. Help get us noticed get involved with the show come be on it as a tattooee..  Everyone is welcome to come buy some chair time.


Likes and views are just numbers, Love and war is life

In todays standings and there are many ways to look at this for any one thing. We all love to have our social media posts and blogs to be liked and read. However if you don’t express your view on those things how are we to know what you think, so if you read this blog post please take a moment to like the post and definitely let us know how they make you feel or if you actually liked it or agree to disagree.. It’s all good just say something to us if you do stop in. We thank you for that.

Now if you would like to interact with me, I could use some material to cover here so any ideas or inquires are appreciated. Current events are fun to write about, but were still dealing with every day life and if we leave the really big issues to those that have power to right a wrong I feel they should handle those. Were in the tattoo business so I like to address those things or any marketing or advertising concepts are good to play with as well.

The number game is just that it has a way to tell a story about who what and where. These numbers have a way to control how we live and think. So anytime there are numbers you are depending on to get ahead make sure you read all the rules of that engagement because numbers don’t lie and they will always support your ideas. We use each other to get notoriety and social placement with our intellectual thoughts and posts but what we really are saying is “Hey I’m right here.”

Sometimes we have many things to cover but of late it seems that war and people being hurt are filling the news lines these days and I can’t seem to cover those types of stories because I want to go do something about it and I’m far from a law keeper. I may have some ideas for lawmakers but the eye for an eye rule went out long ago.

Just keep on doing you and not worry about what others are trying, but pay attention because it could effect you in some way. Look at the 9/11 incidents. They were on the east coast and it effected every human being in the world in some way. All for numbers and awareness is what they say but we know its a statement to be on guard and watch your back and the backs of those we love.

I’m not one for war, but do believe “We must fight for what we believe is right or be indifferent in the world.”

Mr. Pimpmytattoo

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