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Pimpmytattoo, a household name


 How the whole Pimpmytattoo thing came to be is what most people ask when they hear the phrase or name in a sentence for the first time together…   It’s a rather long and tangled road to get ya back to here , So we’re just going to sum it up in a handful of paragraphs at a time and begin what we will call a Mr. Pimpmytattoo Bio in bits..



  Just follow the blog to catch the whole thing and certain videos and pics with narrations will take you on a journey only a seasoned nomadic tattoo artist can tell about a taboo form of art that has grown to unimaginable heights at a rate that will guarantee art always has a place in society as we now know it..

   Pimpmytattoo was really a joke that happened to set well with me and by the next day it had a .com behind it and we are going to get you there in a minute.

   Victor, me, am a true wanderer in every sense of the word so I tend to get around with next to nothing in funds very easily.  To understand you would have to be there as many have, and there are many videos to prove it. You are sure to meet some of them along the way, if you follow what we are sharing, beyond this introduction post.

The bus ride that changed my life..

   So in my travels, I was using public transportation to get to work while living on La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles  (summer of 1996).  A sign I saw intrigued me, and kept ringing in my mind throughout the day.  While grinding away flaws in aluminum cylinders punched for fire extinguishers and inspecting them for tensile strength on a automated computerized strong arm that measured the overall strength of the lot. It was messy and not good for anyone’s respiratory system for a prolonged period of time.  Being a trained tattoo artist I took a chance and jumped off the bus one Saturday afternoon after a 12 hour day; in the summer heat that was about enough for any man to bear…

 I met a guy named Chris that day in the shop whose sign read Tays Playa’s Tattoo and Tay was not in but Chris took my number to the payphone in my building because in those days cell phones were still not easily obtained or available for a little guy. It took about a week for Tay to contact me via the pay phone and arranged for a meeting to see my work and offered me a possible job opportunity and after close to 10 years working on and off for Tay there came a day when being pimped by a genuine Pimp for nearly a decade he began to allow his wife to run the shop and in my experience having a person who knows nothing about tattooing run a shop is not a good idea if they are just there to collect and not put back into the shop at all. With that said a day came and I absolutely had enough of buying my own cleaning products and disinfection sprays and all around supplies, after a few months of still not being compensated for any of it and subjected to doing $20 tattoos that should have been a hundred  dollars in any shop all day long. I decided to call my wife to come back and grab me and all my equipment and wound up on Venice boardwalk at my weekend job and placed my belongings there till my day came to work again. Which brings us to how the name came to be born. Augustin my boss at S&S tattoo asked why i was there at all being my day off?  I replied to him ” Eh That woman over there pist me off for the last time and to be honest I’m tired of being pimped so I’m going to Pimp My Tattoos now watch I’m not going to be stuck forever working and making everyone else rich with my ideas and art skills, it’s time to make plans to go back to living on the island soon and make a transition to island living really soon..” I’m very grateful for the years of opportunity and learning that came with working on Crenshaw Blvd but I’m done with that kinda southern living..

By the following day we owned the name and few weeks later we were taking a express boat to Santa Catalina Island, Avalon bay to seek out a place to live or open up a tattoo studio.

landing express

Photo by Victor delosAngeles Jr. July 3rd 2013

Pamela delosAngeles and Jeffrey Santone

  To our Amazement…

 Within 1o minutes of walking into town we had found a job for Pamela that came with living space and happened to be in commercial zone and permissible to licensing under the current zoning laws for the city because I had previously helped make it legal in both special commercial and commercial zones of the city so we had shipped our stuff that same evening after taking the next boat back to the mainland and well that begins another chapter that we are going to begin talking about in our blog page posts in the upcoming days and weeks so we hope you’ll come back or subscribe and follow our page.


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