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About Victor delosAngeles Jr.

This is Victor delosAngeles Jr. Professional Tattoo artist as of 1992 where an artist named John Luna encouraged me to further my skill as an artist and venture into the world of tattooing during an extended visit to the los Angeles county jail system and on to california state penitentiary for a two term stay where I honed my art and learned the basic skill of imbedding pigment under the skin of my fellow inmates and once released from the first term found a mentor or mentors willing to teach me the fundamentals of the Professional side of the Tattoo world. Now nearly 2 decades later I have almost a dozen kids both biological and adopted through marriage. All great kids with mothers who have supported my wish and made it possible to travel the nation in my 1975 International harvester school bus conversion. Having tattooed countless people in need of fixing their old tattoos or just simply cover them in hopes of a new start.

Which is the theme of this new beginning after the Apocalypse threats of this age and an old age we begin a new venture and begin a new life in Southern Oregon and Northern California area at our new location called the Towne Buzz tattoo & Art Studio  To book a session with us on our road trips just give a call or email us 541-813-2750 0r 541-813-9440 victor delosAngeles jr. to Email

  1. Muriel heise permalink

    How many kids do you have


    • it’s fixed love.. sorry but i was rushed before i really had a chance to finish this so it will still change again..


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