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Koi Pond Aquaponics Greenhouse update

April 16, 2017

Welcome to our Blog page and connection to what were up to these days.

Never giving up tattooing as long as the hands will allow. Some arthritic or rheumatism is setting into my right figure and really hurts at times.  Alternative medicines and herbal cures as well as natural salves and such are the focus for some of these natural organic growing methods were playing with in daily life are for better healthy in take as were finding more evidence of pesticides in the store bought food that’s OK with the Ag department but not the general knowledgeable educated public.

Living and finding ways to save and be more self reliant is the goal these days because at some point government assistance will no longer be available to the less fortunate and trust us were no better than any other artist based business. We have to find ways to cut cost without taking away from the integrity of what we do so we do things our self’s to get ahead when we can. Stopped flying to save money as well as staying with in 20 hours drive time for a tattoo expo has made the take home from shows a more lucrative thing.

I mentioned recently on a linked-in post I will be writing a travelers guide to doing tattoo tours and expos for newbies. Once its written the first dozen artists to purchase this guide will be invited to participate in a tour with us to film the last leg of the Pimpmytattoo road show that commenced officially back in 2013 and has continued slowly lately but remains alive and well..


Nothing speaks louder than a steady flow or stream of water with some serenity..

This video was an update to date on the project and done with no voice or audio to give the full effect and reality of what a soothing experience an joy koi keeping brings. It may be hard work keeping things running smoothly but eventually you get to the point where the system should almost take care of it self. using a digital calendar to schedule routine maintenance is always smart with a reminder as we all somewhat depend on a cellular phone.  I will turn off the pumps next update to see the koi at night when they are more active and visible playing and eating. GoPro underwater footage soon..


s-l500 (3)

Sanke and lemon hariwake.

puddlpipe by pipedream farms

Koi powered Mobile aquaponics Farmers market display by victor delosAngeles Jr.


kohaku – ki shiro – Sumi

We will keep ya updated with the progress of this years crop both fish and plants.20160105_011940

Last years aquaponic bed media used a gravity and siphon system with a pump and valve with the front filter in lower front tank and fish in rear supply holding barrels actually.

Thanks for visiting our blog and if you like this search facebook for #puddlepipe #Pimpmytattoo #Mrpimpmytattoo #Mr_Pimpmytattoo or Victor delosAngeles Jr. related pages and go like our 25+ FB pages we admin. Please subscribe to our page and comment or ask questions as we welcome any feedback or helpful links for our fellow readers.


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