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A full episode with our koi & some ancient history

December 14, 2016

Take a trip into both the past and on into the future with our newest venture.

As you all know we have been planning to build a fish farm in Southern Oregon and it’s starting to take shape and developing into a true story the harder we concentrate on the monumental task.

A very dear friend has agreed to give it a green light and go with the flow and has given us some space and access to the necessary water source provided ultimately by mother nature herself and has presented us with a natural spring that sits well above 15 feet of the base elevation of our pond clearing.

That gives us a clear shot at the top for a nice waterfall or spout which not only gives oxygen but will provide enough current for the solids to break down and exit naturally and with almost 100% certainty no filters needed.

Our new Koi fish farm coming soon video


If this link does not work right away come back shortly it is still loading..

Our latest additions to our family of fish imported by “Living art collective, Florida.”

Happy and healthy fish are a wonderful addition to any koi pond or water garden. These fish were created by Hirasawa Marusei whose bio-secure/licensed fish farm is located in Niigata, Japan.


Southern Oregon koi Keepers


Shiro and Sumi


Southern Oregon koi Keepers


kohaku – ki shiro – Sumi 4-6 inches

 Some Nishikigoi farm provided

information telling of the Royal koi tail (Tale)

Koi Fish Meaning Definition

Koi fish symbolize perseverance,
ambition and advancement

Chinese Koi Fish Meaning

Koi fish are kept in ponds all over the world, but they have a special meaning in Asia.  A couple thousand years ago, a legend in China was formed that told how carp (Koi) that swam up a waterfall and through the dragon gate were magically transformed into dragons.  Through perseverance and endurance, the carp were able to become mythical beings.  Two thousand years later and the Koi fish still symbolize perseverance and endurance.  This was also the basis of the Pokemon Magicarp turning into Gyarados in the video game.

Japanese Koi Fish Meaning

In Japan, Koi are known for their masculine and positive qualities.  They are the official symbol for the Children’s Day (May 5th) festival in Japan.  On Children’s day, families hang a Koi windsocks (KoinoBori) for every member they have in their household.  Another quality that the Japanese symbolize with is strength for overcoming life’s difficulties.  By persevering in life’s endeavors, one can better him or herself.

Koi Varieties

The names for each type of Koi have meaning.  They are:

  • Gosanke: The big three (Kohaku, Sanke and Showa)
  • Kohaku: Amber (The red color of the pattern)
  • Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke): Three colored Koi that was established during the Taishō era
  • Showa Sanshoku (Showa): Three colored Koi that was established
    in the Showa era
  • Bekko: Separate (The separate black spots of color)
  • Utsuri: Reflection (The pattern on an Utsuri variety is like a
  • Asagi: Light Blue (The color of the Koi)
  • Shusui: Gather water from a lake or river
  • Tancho: The Koi has a single spot of color on the head, like Grus Japonensis,
    the Japanese Crane
  • Hikarimono: Bright, like a meteorite
  • Ogon (correct spelling: ougon): Gold (Any single colored
    metallic Koi has Ogon placed after the name)
  • Nezu: Dark Grey
  • Yamabuki: Japanese yellow rose
  • Koromo: Gown (the fancy shading of the scales)
  • Kin (correct spelling: kinu): silk (metallic color that is shiny
    like silk)
  • Kujaku: Peacock
  • Goi (Koi): Carp
  • Matsukawa Bakke (short for Bakemon): Pinecone River Ghost
  • Doitsu: Germany (where the scaleless carp were imported from)
  • Kikusui: Light chrysanthemum
  • Matsuba: Pine needle (pinecone shading of the scales)
  • Ochiba Shigure: Fallen leaves from rain
  • Kumonryu (Ku Mon Ryu): Nine Crest Dragon (A crest “monshō” is
    the Japanese version of a coat of arms)
  • Kuchi: Lips
  • Karasugoi: Raven Carp (black like a raven)
  • Hajiro: A duck with bright patches on its wings (The Koi have
    white on the tips of the fins)
  • Chagoi: Tea carp (brown colored like tea)
  • Kigoi: Yellow carp
  • Midorigoi: Green carp

Kohaku koi fish
Kohaku Koi Fish

Koi Colors

Oftentimes, varieties of Koi are broken down into color variations.
For instance, Utsuri Koi come in three color varieties: Hi Utsuri, Ki
Utsuri and Shiro Utsuri (red, yellow, and white).  Here is the
meaning of the Koi fish colors:

  • Shiro: White
  • Ki: Yellow
  • Hi: Red
  • Beni: deep red
  • Sumi: Black
  • Orenji: Orange
  • Purachina: Platinum
  • Budo (correct spelling: budou): Grape
  • Midori: Green

img_20161106_174037We hope this will help you in any decisions or future needs to inform yourself or finding quality local koi we have access to 3 southern oregon ponds with great selections and some available large or small koi. 541-813-9440 Southern Oregon Koi Keepers

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