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Like it or not by victor delosAngeles jr.

November 28, 2016

Written/Published by  Victor delosAngeles Jr.                                                     November 28 2016

Like it or not..

There are times in our lives we regret the things we do or say.

When that day comes it’s often to late to fix what fell into the mix.

Before it’s done we wish there could be a fix,  because in time

with a vengeance those are weighed and judged like it or not

we_ face it anyway__.

It may come today or tomorrow, But know know it will  like it or not.

Be who it may only time will say__.

Life passes us by__,

Before we know it we’re hitting 50 with only a memory that only we can see and tell,

So that others may see that our life and that of others we touch really mean

oh__ so__ much.

So with these words to you_ I will touch and hope it helps to see__

that without each other we haven’t much__.

Like it or not.

Dedicated to my Mom Jennie delosAngeles and my sister Maria

Music score by Mike Silva coming soon.

Image and Illustration by Victor delosAngeles Jr.

Mis Eridas 2012

(My inflictions)

Available on printed canvass Subject: Mis Eridas Canvass

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