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My Water Conserving Urban Farm Coming to life..

November 7, 2016

   As many of you know I was able to participate at the farmers market this summer. I produced some very good tasty lettuce utilizing fish nutrients and aquaponically feeding the plants. I have landed a opportunity to establish a aquaponic farm with 5 times the space and plenty of room for fish and greenhouses. The goal to farm share the produce and take up front orders and sell plots Taylored to your needs. I’m also interested in any local family’s with yard space in direct sun interested in this concept or crop sharing their space for a monthly or bi-monthly supply delivered to them in return for utilizing their space and access to water. Any produce not deliverable or sellable in market will be donated to the local food bank. This project called “the local Pipedream” will take a handful of full and part-time helpers to manage and operate. Anyone interested in helping me or in need of a new career in something that brings much joy to others and selfworth as well as a earned income. Farmers are becoming very scarce these days and I’m sure that this community based concept will inspire more young Americans to grow their own.. P.S. this is geared towards feeding and teaching those willing to help themselves and others that can’t do as much anymore that enjoy fresh food.


Giant Koi photo from Japanese Koi Farm

Koi Fingerlings Born late summer 2016

From Medford Oregon Now in Harbor Oregon at The Towne Buzz Tattoo Studio

indoor grow room



Photos by Victor delosAngeles Jr.

  I have been researching this extensively and have found that it is beneficial to everyone who is looking to both save money and insure their intake is organically grown and healthy.Between using natural pest control as in insects and frogs and feeding the fish organic feed the outcome is amazing..
  So anyone with large lawns that use lots of water can utilize that same area and water to grow food and think of all the fuel and time you waste keeping up a lawn.. I have a process to naturally manipulate the grass over winter to have the weeds and grass gone by late winter on flat ground of course.. lol. I have attempted to clear a hillside and terrace a creekside only to find that it’s impossible and useless with a constant water source.
  A 30 inch wide bed that’s 50 feet long can yield 4 times in 1 season with the right crops and can produce up to a thousand dollars in certain markets. There are some greens that are ready in 11 days so those can give 6 to 8 times easy… so potential is there knowing what crops to grow and when. Of course having someone to eat and buy it is the main thing in this so we’ve researched various types of ways to use it and the farm share and direct market sales in farmers market..
puddlepipe-mobile-truck-displayunits run of puddlepipe
  I’m finding out that there is a very high level of pesticides used in the agricultural business especially in large crops. I found the level of integrity in the small farmers realm or organic food growers methods and taste quality is impecable.  In our case I think replacing a needy lawn with food producing plants and utilizing the water and minimize your cost of living that those funds can go to other needed resources like going solar later. I understand that in some countries solar is prohibited because the government owns the power grid and would rather take than let the public contribute to the power grid and profit share.. blows me away.
  Here we’re paying everyone willing to go solar. My uncle took his tax return last year and invested in solar for his house now he gets monthly a check from so cal Edison for a minimum of $100 because his system generates more than they can ever use so that stored energy is used publicly.. the whole off grid idea log has some merits but really don’t pat as well as being a part of the system so I kinda have mixed feelings on this now… research sometimes can be overwhelming it seems…
  I just feel that working together with those in the community willing to learn or get their hands dirty have a future and in the process eat much better quality of food because we know exactly what went into growing it being fish water or just natural rock dust and black gold soil rich in nutrients and nitrates.  More updates soon so subscribe to our blog page and go visit our instagram pages Mr_Pimpmytattoo@IG or Pipedreamfarms@IG and
say Hello …
 We love answering questions so if you have some just go ahead and put them in the comments or if it’s really personal email it to us subject: My Urban Farm
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