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Likes and views are just numbers, Love and war is life

February 9, 2016

In todays standings and there are many ways to look at this for any one thing. We all love to have our social media posts and blogs to be liked and read. However if you don’t express your view on those things how are we to know what you think, so if you read this blog post please take a moment to like the post and definitely let us know how they make you feel or if you actually liked it or agree to disagree.. It’s all good just say something to us if you do stop in. We thank you for that.

Now if you would like to interact with me, I could use some material to cover here so any ideas or inquires are appreciated. Current events are fun to write about, but were still dealing with every day life and if we leave the really big issues to those that have power to right a wrong I feel they should handle those. Were in the tattoo business so I like to address those things or any marketing or advertising concepts are good to play with as well.

The number game is just that it has a way to tell a story about who what and where. These numbers have a way to control how we live and think. So anytime there are numbers you are depending on to get ahead make sure you read all the rules of that engagement because numbers don’t lie and they will always support your ideas. We use each other to get notoriety and social placement with our intellectual thoughts and posts but what we really are saying is “Hey I’m right here.”

Sometimes we have many things to cover but of late it seems that war and people being hurt are filling the news lines these days and I can’t seem to cover those types of stories because I want to go do something about it and I’m far from a law keeper. I may have some ideas for lawmakers but the eye for an eye rule went out long ago.

Just keep on doing you and not worry about what others are trying, but pay attention because it could effect you in some way. Look at the 9/11 incidents. They were on the east coast and it effected every human being in the world in some way. All for numbers and awareness is what they say but we know its a statement to be on guard and watch your back and the backs of those we love.

I’m not one for war, but do believe “We must fight for what we believe is right or be indifferent in the world.”

Mr. Pimpmytattoo

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