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Our battle with a sinkhole and what to do now..

January 30, 2016

Being put in a position with very few alternatives and a relatively new business is tough enough with a natural disaster leaving little room for growth does not help things but having good friends does..

Once the noise settled and as a group with our neighbors the Rice Bowl, oregon fish and game, lovely nail shop decided it was not safe and announced we needed any help possible and a few dropped everything to come help move what we could just in case. So we are grateful to have the ones we do have.

After we evacuated the important stuff we still are left wondering what we can do now to get by and move forward..

It’s now 3 days later and the hole is just growing with every day of rain that comes so all our fish tanks seem to be holding level so any eminent danger is not present and we have all the traffic that normally flows by passing our area for they say 6 weeks.  I have tried to keep up with the events as they happen but I can be at the shop 24 hours a day we have a home also which is also up against a flowing creek and embankment so vigilance to both properties is a must somehow.

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Proof that disaster can hit anywhere,

natural or human we should always be prepared for the worst.



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