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Google founder Innovator in Chief still looking for ways to improve life, so we gave him some

January 23, 2016
  I came across a post with plenty of attention and could not help but to read the article..
  After reading the post I decided again to write my own take on the subject and some ideas that come to mind for us here at home in the U.S. Larry Page a great leader just like Mark from Facebook. They have their followers which makes them great leaders in their respected fields. I see they both embed themselves in the eye of the public and understand the meaning of lobbying. Understanding it be to scout for ideas or be involved with those doing things that are making waves and should be noticed.
  In this case they are looking for opportunities that will present themselves and attract the right momentum once shown to those interested.
  The Alphabet company which is one of the strongest there is and one to be watching progress from is looking for the right opportunities to invest their efforts into and for whatever reason I think we should give them a few to think about.
  By saying this I mean,
  We need help right here at home and our leaders seem to overlook this side of humanity because it’s the land of the free and equal opportunity. Which gives us all equal rights to achieve our goals and aspirations to as some might think to rule the world in their field of study or business. Well that thinking has them being watched now in other countries as they are worried about the power they have over how online business is making the money most wish they could make.
  Education is where its at for those that are seeking fortune over fame. Some just want to be comfortable when others want it all. I see the ones with the deep pockets doing what they want to do with it and there is nothing wrong with this idealism because it’s what we are all taught growing up. My grandparents told me regularly
” If you work hard and make your own money no one can tell you anything about how you spend it or about what you buy with it.”
If one is looking for people, places or things to invest in then we can give them some things to think about.
I think I’ll make a list and it goes like this.
I’ll keep it real.
If I had the Billions that these two have I would..
  1.  Focus at home not abroad although we do face major threats if we don’t watch our backs but that is up to the sheep dogs of the country. You chose to defend us so we love you for that and support you by paying taxes when we shop or work. I tell a soldier I appreciate what they do for us at home when I meet one. Always..
  2. The elite companies that are the cash cows and have more than they could ever take to the grave with them should invest in the kids of today and educate them or empower them with the knowledge they poses or funding for the ones hired to do so. Scholarships and new books to libraries or supply Severs with data banks and access to schools with needs for employers like ITT Tech that cater to technology and efficiency.
  3. Hire military veterans if they have the qualifications and don’t be afraid to ask their current situation at home. They may be ready to lose it all if they have no job coming out of enlistment if not already lost it all while in battle. Some come out with bonuses and others come out with their life and nothing to show for it because of a failing V.A. I have friends that have been medically discharged and given nothing but a answer like thanks for their service when going to a lawyer for help. That’s just wrong..
  4. We have literally thousands of homeless people wandering every state of the union usually looking for a shelter or a mission to eat and get out of the cold. Some fortunate enough like myself to have enough support from friends and family to get it together. Some give up and just figure why try with the attitude that says if no one else cares where I am why should I care. Most of these humans have some skill level they can offer some company willing to give one homeless person a shot at a job.
  5. Invest in public showers for the general use of those with less than the rest of us. In my area there is a public shower to use if you have 50 cents but the problem with this is the County of Curry, Oregon passed a law that if your caught giving help to a homeless person panhandling or begging you will be given a ticket and it’s a misdemeanor to do so with a fine and a penalty assessment.
  6. I can’t stress enough on hiring Americas Veterans to work doing any task they are willing to pay for. Training for them in new technologies where some security is needed for they understand what it is to take orders and not complain or be insubordinate when a dangerous or difficult job needs to be done.
  7. Create stations where a person can come find a job or suggest one that needs to be created to fill a gap in societies mesh that holds us all together. Something like the Employment development administration offices that barely work as they are now. So some improvement could be done there.
  8. I have created a eco system in my place of biz so I can not always have to depend on a grocery store to feed myself or my wife. She went and got a job at the local grocery store and found we get a nice discount on our shopping which helps. Most citizens have no clue as to what agriculture is other than what we all knew as  a food stamp coupon. Teach some horticulture  or gardening classes or create urban gardening areas with some labor camp style housing for those interested in that type of living rather than doing nothing at all.
  9. The largest local grocery store where my wife is employed at this time did something very similar for our local High school kids. They donated last years seed displays that did not sell to the home economics class for their garden that helps to feed the school by contributing and selling canned products for class project funding as well. I also donated a dozen or so plants I had over planted for my winter indoor grow.
  10. Find people with great ideas to help where help is needed in communities here at home rather than invest in other countries where they have corrupted leadership and help us thrive and grow right here in the United States.

Most of these are simple enough to make a difference with the right leadership and to be honest the choices we have at this moment for a new U.S. president are very bleak and make me wonder and fear if a few of them were voted in we will all be wishing Arnold was president or was eligible when in fact the constitution has so many holes chewed through it it’s no wonder it still is quoted or honored by the law makers of the U.S.

To my fascination I find these wealthy internet gurus to be great people and have a vision and do what it takes to achieve goals like anyone of us can with the right direction. I think I may go back to school myself..                                                             Mr. Pimpmytattoo©

Please.. We ask if you take the time to read this in full that you like the article and please share if you agree with us.


Article from:

Larry Page, Google Founder, Is Still Innovator in Chief

Mr. Page is hardly the first Silicon Valley chief with a case of intellectual wanderlust, but to a rare degree he has made his company a reflection of his personal fascinations.:

Mr. Page Founder of Google looking for ways to use all that money.

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Mr. Page is hardly the first Silicon Valley chief with a case of intellectual wanderlust, but to a rare degree he has made his company a reflection of his personal fascinations.
January 22, 2016
Conor Dougherty
Mr. Page is hardly the first Silicon Valley chief with a case of intellectual wanderlust, but to a rare degree he has made his company a reflection of his personal fascinations.

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