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Passing on the ways of our elders is not forgotten..

January 14, 2016

  I’m excited I get to share with some local students my methods of growing veggies and fruit indoors for their senior project..

Passing on my knowledge to those really interested in it is something I have always wanted to do and tomorrow I will post more on this outing of mine and if I’m allowed I will film my discussion as they are kids with a brain that have many ideas that are good ones and maybe my experience in art, construction and the physics involved with all of those are fun to explain. Having blown glass in the early y2k and been burnt I fully understand the dangers involved with the trades I have been exposed to over the years so The questions I’m asked should be rather interesting once thrown out there..  More tomorrow I promise..  Lots on my mind and lots to talk about in a few hours so wish me luck I know I’m going to need it..  Butterflies are a buzzing…

 Pimpmytattoo Show In The Garden Series with Mr.Pimpmytattoo

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Post edited 1-14-2016

Update after visit to school..

Today I was running just a little behind but figured out once there in the classroom I was actually there at a perfect time to engage the groups of kids at their tables already doing their projects for the day. Once I was introduced and was explained what their plans were I was brought outside to see the garden right outside the home ec. or science building and boy was that a nice sized space with a nice surprise in the middle of the square.. A dome shaped greenhouse made of clear triangle windows and a drainage ditch running right in the middle of the dome basically flooding the dome floor. I immediately made a suggestion which to my surprise set very well with the coordinator because she had something similar to my idea at her house in the past that worked very well til the weather got to cold for tilapia in her jacuzzi pond they created with a pond liner but no housing or heater in the water for the tropical fish in a northern climate.

 So now that I got your curiosity up. In this picture here below you see a few puddles that are forever there in my friends driveway and is a mess all the time.


This friend  has warned us regularly when we visit to be careful leaving because we would sink the tires and need a 4×4 to pull us out. This section is the drainage plane for the properties in the back of the area shown. I suggested to use the water to supply the pond and a greenhouse garden aquaponics system which I could help both dig and construct the house to utilize the natural flow of water in both the school and my friends place.  In this pic the palm tree would be the focal point turned into a island with a small bridge and the pond roughly cover a 4′ deep by 20 foot wide by 10-15 feet in a sorta fetal shape like a bean or a sand bar on a golf course.

The school project is one that has some funding and of course the teachers are always fundraising and use the fruit and veggies in their cafeteria and also making canned jam, sauces and salsas for the local farmers market weekly and apparently they do very well. The students did have some questions to ask but in relation to my ideas for their green house project. I will be sure to post some pictures of the senior projects once they are graded and share those with more on the story..

 I offered a few items I have that are extra and I don’t see myself using any time soon.

1 – 30 gallon clear/white poly water drum

2 – Half drum of the same material pre drilled and fit for a aquaponics grow bed

3 – a dozen plants mixed variety of tomatoes (romas – Cherries – tomatillo) a few bell          pepper starters ready to be repotted to bigger containers so they don’t outgrow the ones  now in.

4 – Various re-purposed plastic containers I use to keep my clones or young seedlings humid and root clones in so they have a use for the stuff they use around home and know better as to what items can be used in the garden.

There you have my basic trip outlined in a few paragraphs that I’m sure i will revise later once the ideas and conversations come flooding back..

  Thanks for coming back to read my blog and hope to hear more from our readers along the way..     Mr.Pimpmytattoo



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  1. Filming out, their seniors, but too many under 18 to get permissions .. maybe later on.. but I’ll talk later of my experience and the level of wit from the class. I’m certain the questions will range from apples to tattooing zebras… lol


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