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Santa Claus Ink Jr is born…

January 13, 2016

 That’s right, A concept to be reckoned with..

Santa Claus Ink Jr is born…


Paid forward copy.png

As we try to find ways to make the world a better place we find block walls at every turn. Between jealousy and religion we still come to barricades. In this case even if you aren’t a religious person there is no room for playing with life in general. We all have problems along the way. Most find a way out and sometimes others just give up on themselves before asking for help. So even if you don’t mention to someone you need the help there is always a friend not far that can lend some kind of hand to make things a little better.

We have found that everyone loves a discount or a deal on something they really want.

On the Pimpmytattoo show we have a saying that’s used as an intro and a narrative quite often that goes something like this..

There comes a time when we decide we want something soo bad that we will do whatever it takes to get it. Sometimes that comes with satisfaction or some regret. But you can be sure that the Pimpmytattoo show will be around to lend a hand with that…

Deal of the century..

We offer at The Towne Buzz Tattoo & Art Studio a discount of double the price tag of a child’s toy or weather garments towards the price of your next tattoo any day of the year and via any tattoo studio that will honor our offer that is affiliated with our program..

We began this last holiday season to implement our program and to our surprise went very well with toys and food donations coming in quite often throughout December. Our local friends that frequent our shop participated and left with some quality tattoo work and we hear often how much they love their pieces.  We invite the rest of you to get involved and send this announcement to your local tattoo artist and join in on the mission to give some child a reason to look forward to a healthy future!  A new toy that may be the difference between living miserably as a homeless person or a happy one with a strong will, because somebody was kind enough to share some time and effort to help.

To incorporate our program please contact us if your shop or local artist might be interested in lending a hand and contributing their precious time to help out a kid in need in their community or a program near them.. We are not asking for any donations just to be your new tattoo shop with a cause.. or associated with one.. that could be you

  Santa Claus Ink Jr. facebook page to contact us

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