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Overwhelmed by the response to my writing, Thank you all.

January 13, 2016


I am floored with the great response to my writing and just want to say thank you for reading and coming back. Thank you for taking time to read.. We only ask our readers to please share if you have the time and sincerely find this compelling enough to make it known there truly are folks that try to make a difference or help where they can.. and of course go watch our show. However it’s more for those with a open mind and don’t really mind some adult content without removing the really good stuff.. lol

Also never a script just good old fashioned reality.. I am a marketing person that just fell into it by having to promote our show and took the opportunity to share with everyone the crazy stuff we encounter.. and well I understand the value of one’s time. So we thank you all that come across this and especially if you do contribute to the cause.. the link below has all the details and all the right links to all we do and share..
I have a very long a windy road to tell of and it will I’m sure take a very long time to put it down in words So we will do lots of it with video as well.. to see the rest of the posts and all the links to our show via that or to call me on pacific timezone and tattoo shop hours.. also this guy tutors on youtube and I used his stuff to create this.. look at his wordpress creating tutorial It really is easy to follow..

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