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Mr.Pimpmytattoo once homeless too..

January 11, 2016

Being homeless does not mean you’re limited to being homeless..

That’s just a state of living and if you really try hard enough and not give up on yourself or those you love is enough to climb out of that state or sinkhole..  Mr.Pimpmytattoo says “Art is just like life it’s really what you make it. What others see or think of your art or artful place in life is interpreted by their view and really don’t matter unless they are willing to pay your way or commission you to buy your piece..” and that changes things for the better.. Show your talent some how.. Draw on cardboard or use recycled material to create images or get your message across to your audience whatever size it is..

Lp artwork by victor delosangeles jr

Lp artwork by victor delosangeles jr 2012 outta long Beach on Mal Pescado..

We all really do see things in our own way and don’t always see the message but if you come out and speak, type, or use some grand design, YOU WILL NEVER BE HEARD..

A closed mouth never gets fed.. (Quote by our MOM)…

Source: About Victor delosAngeles Jr. AKA Mr.Pimpmytattoo

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