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January 10, 2016

Jan 9 2015    

The Advertising Jedi of the Tattoo world

A force to be reckoned with..

A forever evolving realm the tattoo industry is…

in the pitch of a Master Jedi…

Master tattoo artist Victor delosAngeles has devised a way to advertise and get it free if you’re good at following simple instructions..

BUTC Victor The owne Buzz PMTRS 2015 00000 FRONT


After needing various times to redesign his cards while touring the tattoo convention circuit Victor devised a plan to archive the lineage of the tattoo industry but the issue was how to get everyone to volunteer their history..

Once he spoke to the late Miss Inkoholic at a Inkmasters expo 2013miss inkaholic

The road ahead was very clear what had to be done and a outline of what we know today as the PIMPMYTATTOO SHOW WAS BORN..

Photo by Victor delosAngeles 2014

(Photo bomb by Ernie Bustamante Tattoo Mag.)

The conversation was something like this..

I have a idea to create a trading card series outlining the lineage of the tattoo industry and the problem were having is getting the artists to volunteer their info pics and the history or stories of how they started in the industry and I think i need a cute girl to interview the artists and photograph them while they’re at the shows..

Mizuz Inkoholics response was..

I think you should use a video camera and of course use a cute girl to get the guys to enlighten us with their wit.. a cmera will catch some of the action but video gets all the action all around the scene and I’m going to do my internship with this coming year so maybe we can help you with that if i introduce you to Steven Sharpe soon and well the rest is history..

June 30th of 2013 began the Pimpmytattoo Summer tour on that ran till november of that year and continued back up the foollowing january when the shows kicked back in to high gear with a steady stream of episodes still posting to this day..

 Just search for victor delosangeles jr. on youtube to see any associated tagged videos edited or published by pimpmytattoo associates.. 

You can follow all our posts via Facebook and our instagram pages..


Victor delosAngeles Jr.




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