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Help make America Strong again.. Get a tattoo and stop being a “PUSSY”.. We offer layaway plans..

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Yes it is true we now and always have offered our friends and clients the option of sending us payments to build up the value towards their tattoo work by Victor delosAngeles Jr. As many as we do have we intend to keep and offer many options for the ones serious about their ink.

This month 3 tattoo expos are being exposed to the antics of our show and the random stuff we do or catch on camera when we are present. As the years have past we continue to show you the stuff that goes on behind the scenes of the tattoo world simply because were there ourselves working so as long as technology allows us to keep catching it on camera you best believe I’m going to continue collecting and sharing scenes and the reality of what we do.

The idea is to attend enough shows from the continental divide to the west coast top to bottom as far as Alaska and south as San Diego to reach the majority of our clients or they can meet us as we announce on FB regularly the shows we plan to attend sometimes months in advance.

Color leg piece and why I love my job and why I don’t sometimes..

The purpose of this post is to encourage everyone to make plans and come for a ride to Oregon and experience the area that truly is a vacation destination. Brookings harbor has everything you would expect from a vacation spot minus all the traffic and big city attitude. Were happy to serve you and invite all our friends and family to come and enjoy the rivers and lakes that are literally on every highway of Oregon and Northern California which is only a whopping 8 miles from the tattoo shop. Experience the Giant Redwood Forest and as I have maybe you’ll be lucky to have an encounter with a black bear at a rest stop from the drivers seat..

We recommend always looking around when at any area rest stop as they are usually in some desolate place with wild animals and critters everywhere.. We hope the idea to attract more visitors so we don’t always have to do the traveling to everyone asking for tattoo work. Here is a link to see our rates for work and our deals we offer those looking to save money or get a great deal on their tattoo work from someone with lot’s of experience.

Below is a combination of pricing and categories for the type of tattoo work that’s the generalization of what we do in the tattoo shop for our clients. Here you have all you can take sessions that must be paid in full in advance to qualify because of the amount of work that will most likely be applied for the amount being paid it has to be scheduled way in advance to block out the calendar day or days planned to achieve your vision.

The Law Away plan is very simple and it entails sending in any amount desired using the shopping cart to add increments of money denominations that equal the amount you wish to add to your account with us. all of these transactions are NON REFUNDABLE once sent and submitted for that purpose as we cannot change the order once placed on account however once you send in enough you have the option to spend it in hours any way you like we just schedule the session and block out those hours on your specific date requested.

The hourly rate listed is the best we could come up with that is not set in the 1980’s and more up to date as we are in a new century and inflation is a real thing that changes as do our cost to operate and the supply as always must keep up with the demand which is something we try to keep to a minimum by attending the Expos to purchase directly from the manufacturers and skip the shipping or tax if possible by buying cash on site. Just one of the ways we try to keep the cost of getting ink down or even looking to possibly making a profit some day. We stopped traveling 11 months out of the year to provide a better service for our clients and be available with just a phone cal or message via social media or direct text to our cell phones if need be.

541-813-2750 Shop   541-813-2960  Victor Cell  541-251-2239  Pamela Cell.

Call or text us directly or send pictures of what you want or ideas that will bring us to understanding each aspect of your creative thinking.

So you see the distance we have gone to keep our peoples interest in what we do here a few scenes from around the U.S. and our shop here in Oregon for you to enjoy.

Pimpmytattoo Session Options for tattooing
Appointment Deposit *Non Refundable first hour $100.00 USD
Black work only per hour $100.00 USD
Black and Grey with white work only per hour $150.00 USD
Full Color tattoo work per hour $200.00 USD
All you can Take Black and Grey session, Paid in advance only $700.00 USD
All you can take Color session, Paid in advance only $1,000.00 USD
All you can take Black only $500.00 USD
Lay away options
Enter name and contact # here

Hope you like our blog posts and urge everyone to subscribe to our bog on  and share the posts you like so your friends will come read and watch the show and possibly come get tattooed by us at a show or the shop..

                      Help make America Strong again..Get a tattoo and stop being a PUSSY..

We give you our latest; Oreganjafest


Toy Drive, Dinner ,Concert and Cannabis Cup Contest

Our mission

In life we are faced with daily challenges as adults and the fact that we can call ourselves adults means we made it through our childhood and have become mature leaders or followers of something larger than ourselves. Life has thrown plenty of curves our way and somehow we manage to trudge on. At this point in our adventure we have found ourselves in a position to help others and not concentrate on how bad we think we have it. I strongly feel that through music and healing we can achieve the goals we have set forth. As a tradition our organizers have made it a year round effort to collect food, toys, clothing, or school supplies for needy families in their local area by offering double the ticket value towards their next tattoo and were carrying on this tradition by putting on a venue and making a annual show if not quarterly in a town near you.


      Music from Inhale So Cal 420 Music


What to expect from this show: *Toy Drive *Pig Roast daily dinner *Yearly Oreganja Cup Contest Saturday all day Submissions. Fee $25. entry and 1/2 oz to judge-$500 to winner with best cannabis flower on Sunday *Live Music with Inhale *camping *Early Sunday A.M. Silent Live Koi Fish Auction to benefit Santa Clause Ink Jr. Program

 Activities will be added as we develop the venue schedule


OG Oreganjafest flyer

Oreganjafest flyer

Our founder grew up as a child across from the original Santa Clause Incorporated in El Monte Ca. 1972 and amazing enough his Mother was one of Santa’s Helpers for years until the toy shop moved to San Bernardino Ca.

The memories left an everlasting impression ..

For tickets Or tee shirts to support the cause which in the case of the t shirts they represent a gift under a tree this Christmas for a child go to for pics and prices etc.  or simply paypal with a note to what the money is for and the info for delivery of tickets or tees. tickets will be available at the Towne Buzz Tattoo and art studio and the sponsors local sponsors locations. Harbor Hydro, Railroad deli, 101 grow crescent city, I plan to buy  ssl cert for the page as funds become available so if the http is a concern please call us to arrange for in person if needed. 541-251-3125 bands welcome to call to play we will give tickets to sell to bands wishing to play at the event.

Koi Pond Aquaponics Greenhouse update

Welcome to our Blog page and connection to what were up to these days.

Never giving up tattooing as long as the hands will allow. Some arthritic or rheumatism is setting into my right figure and really hurts at times.  Alternative medicines and herbal cures as well as natural salves and such are the focus for some of these natural organic growing methods were playing with in daily life are for better healthy in take as were finding more evidence of pesticides in the store bought food that’s OK with the Ag department but not the general knowledgeable educated public.

Living and finding ways to save and be more self reliant is the goal these days because at some point government assistance will no longer be available to the less fortunate and trust us were no better than any other artist based business. We have to find ways to cut cost without taking away from the integrity of what we do so we do things our self’s to get ahead when we can. Stopped flying to save money as well as staying with in 20 hours drive time for a tattoo expo has made the take home from shows a more lucrative thing.

I mentioned recently on a linked-in post I will be writing a travelers guide to doing tattoo tours and expos for newbies. Once its written the first dozen artists to purchase this guide will be invited to participate in a tour with us to film the last leg of the Pimpmytattoo road show that commenced officially back in 2013 and has continued slowly lately but remains alive and well..


Nothing speaks louder than a steady flow or stream of water with some serenity..

This video was an update to date on the project and done with no voice or audio to give the full effect and reality of what a soothing experience an joy koi keeping brings. It may be hard work keeping things running smoothly but eventually you get to the point where the system should almost take care of it self. using a digital calendar to schedule routine maintenance is always smart with a reminder as we all somewhat depend on a cellular phone.  I will turn off the pumps next update to see the koi at night when they are more active and visible playing and eating. GoPro underwater footage soon..


s-l500 (3)

Sanke and lemon hariwake.

puddlpipe by pipedream farms

Koi powered Mobile aquaponics Farmers market display by victor delosAngeles Jr.


kohaku – ki shiro – Sumi

We will keep ya updated with the progress of this years crop both fish and plants.20160105_011940

Last years aquaponic bed media used a gravity and siphon system with a pump and valve with the front filter in lower front tank and fish in rear supply holding barrels actually.

Thanks for visiting our blog and if you like this search facebook for #puddlepipe #Pimpmytattoo #Mrpimpmytattoo #Mr_Pimpmytattoo or Victor delosAngeles Jr. related pages and go like our 25+ FB pages we admin. Please subscribe to our page and comment or ask questions as we welcome any feedback or helpful links for our fellow readers.


A full episode with our koi & some ancient history

Take a trip into both the past and on into the future with our newest venture.

As you all know we have been planning to build a fish farm in Southern Oregon and it’s starting to take shape and developing into a true story the harder we concentrate on the monumental task.

A very dear friend has agreed to give it a green light and go with the flow and has given us some space and access to the necessary water source provided ultimately by mother nature herself and has presented us with a natural spring that sits well above 15 feet of the base elevation of our pond clearing.

That gives us a clear shot at the top for a nice waterfall or spout which not only gives oxygen but will provide enough current for the solids to break down and exit naturally and with almost 100% certainty no filters needed.

Our new Koi fish farm coming soon video


If this link does not work right away come back shortly it is still loading..

Our latest additions to our family of fish imported by “Living art collective, Florida.”

Happy and healthy fish are a wonderful addition to any koi pond or water garden. These fish were created by Hirasawa Marusei whose bio-secure/licensed fish farm is located in Niigata, Japan.


Southern Oregon koi Keepers


Shiro and Sumi


Southern Oregon koi Keepers


kohaku – ki shiro – Sumi 4-6 inches

 Some Nishikigoi farm provided

information telling of the Royal koi tail (Tale)

Koi Fish Meaning Definition

Koi fish symbolize perseverance,
ambition and advancement

Chinese Koi Fish Meaning

Koi fish are kept in ponds all over the world, but they have a special meaning in Asia.  A couple thousand years ago, a legend in China was formed that told how carp (Koi) that swam up a waterfall and through the dragon gate were magically transformed into dragons.  Through perseverance and endurance, the carp were able to become mythical beings.  Two thousand years later and the Koi fish still symbolize perseverance and endurance.  This was also the basis of the Pokemon Magicarp turning into Gyarados in the video game.

Japanese Koi Fish Meaning

In Japan, Koi are known for their masculine and positive qualities.  They are the official symbol for the Children’s Day (May 5th) festival in Japan.  On Children’s day, families hang a Koi windsocks (KoinoBori) for every member they have in their household.  Another quality that the Japanese symbolize with is strength for overcoming life’s difficulties.  By persevering in life’s endeavors, one can better him or herself.

Koi Varieties

The names for each type of Koi have meaning.  They are:

  • Gosanke: The big three (Kohaku, Sanke and Showa)
  • Kohaku: Amber (The red color of the pattern)
  • Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke): Three colored Koi that was established during the Taishō era
  • Showa Sanshoku (Showa): Three colored Koi that was established
    in the Showa era
  • Bekko: Separate (The separate black spots of color)
  • Utsuri: Reflection (The pattern on an Utsuri variety is like a
  • Asagi: Light Blue (The color of the Koi)
  • Shusui: Gather water from a lake or river
  • Tancho: The Koi has a single spot of color on the head, like Grus Japonensis,
    the Japanese Crane
  • Hikarimono: Bright, like a meteorite
  • Ogon (correct spelling: ougon): Gold (Any single colored
    metallic Koi has Ogon placed after the name)
  • Nezu: Dark Grey
  • Yamabuki: Japanese yellow rose
  • Koromo: Gown (the fancy shading of the scales)
  • Kin (correct spelling: kinu): silk (metallic color that is shiny
    like silk)
  • Kujaku: Peacock
  • Goi (Koi): Carp
  • Matsukawa Bakke (short for Bakemon): Pinecone River Ghost
  • Doitsu: Germany (where the scaleless carp were imported from)
  • Kikusui: Light chrysanthemum
  • Matsuba: Pine needle (pinecone shading of the scales)
  • Ochiba Shigure: Fallen leaves from rain
  • Kumonryu (Ku Mon Ryu): Nine Crest Dragon (A crest “monshō” is
    the Japanese version of a coat of arms)
  • Kuchi: Lips
  • Karasugoi: Raven Carp (black like a raven)
  • Hajiro: A duck with bright patches on its wings (The Koi have
    white on the tips of the fins)
  • Chagoi: Tea carp (brown colored like tea)
  • Kigoi: Yellow carp
  • Midorigoi: Green carp

Kohaku koi fish
Kohaku Koi Fish

Koi Colors

Oftentimes, varieties of Koi are broken down into color variations.
For instance, Utsuri Koi come in three color varieties: Hi Utsuri, Ki
Utsuri and Shiro Utsuri (red, yellow, and white).  Here is the
meaning of the Koi fish colors:

  • Shiro: White
  • Ki: Yellow
  • Hi: Red
  • Beni: deep red
  • Sumi: Black
  • Orenji: Orange
  • Purachina: Platinum
  • Budo (correct spelling: budou): Grape
  • Midori: Green

img_20161106_174037We hope this will help you in any decisions or future needs to inform yourself or finding quality local koi we have access to 3 southern oregon ponds with great selections and some available large or small koi. 541-813-9440 Southern Oregon Koi Keepers

Like it or not by victor delosAngeles jr.

Written/Published by  Victor delosAngeles Jr.                                                     November 28 2016

Like it or not..

There are times in our lives we regret the things we do or say.

When that day comes it’s often to late to fix what fell into the mix.

Before it’s done we wish there could be a fix,  because in time

with a vengeance those are weighed and judged like it or not

we_ face it anyway__.

It may come today or tomorrow, But know know it will  like it or not.

Be who it may only time will say__.

Life passes us by__,

Before we know it we’re hitting 50 with only a memory that only we can see and tell,

So that others may see that our life and that of others we touch really mean

oh__ so__ much.

So with these words to you_ I will touch and hope it helps to see__

that without each other we haven’t much__.

Like it or not.

Dedicated to my Mom Jennie delosAngeles and my sister Maria

Music score by Mike Silva coming soon.

Image and Illustration by Victor delosAngeles Jr.

Mis Eridas 2012

(My inflictions)

Available on printed canvass Subject: Mis Eridas Canvass

My Water Conserving Urban Farm Coming to life..

   As many of you know I was able to participate at the farmers market this summer. I produced some very good tasty lettuce utilizing fish nutrients and aquaponically feeding the plants. I have landed a opportunity to establish a aquaponic farm with 5 times the space and plenty of room for fish and greenhouses. The goal to farm share the produce and take up front orders and sell plots Taylored to your needs. I’m also interested in any local family’s with yard space in direct sun interested in this concept or crop sharing their space for a monthly or bi-monthly supply delivered to them in return for utilizing their space and access to water. Any produce not deliverable or sellable in market will be donated to the local food bank. This project called “the local Pipedream” will take a handful of full and part-time helpers to manage and operate. Anyone interested in helping me or in need of a new career in something that brings much joy to others and selfworth as well as a earned income. Farmers are becoming very scarce these days and I’m sure that this community based concept will inspire more young Americans to grow their own.. P.S. this is geared towards feeding and teaching those willing to help themselves and others that can’t do as much anymore that enjoy fresh food.


Giant Koi photo from Japanese Koi Farm

Koi Fingerlings Born late summer 2016

From Medford Oregon Now in Harbor Oregon at The Towne Buzz Tattoo Studio

indoor grow room



Photos by Victor delosAngeles Jr.

  I have been researching this extensively and have found that it is beneficial to everyone who is looking to both save money and insure their intake is organically grown and healthy.Between using natural pest control as in insects and frogs and feeding the fish organic feed the outcome is amazing..
  So anyone with large lawns that use lots of water can utilize that same area and water to grow food and think of all the fuel and time you waste keeping up a lawn.. I have a process to naturally manipulate the grass over winter to have the weeds and grass gone by late winter on flat ground of course.. lol. I have attempted to clear a hillside and terrace a creekside only to find that it’s impossible and useless with a constant water source.
  A 30 inch wide bed that’s 50 feet long can yield 4 times in 1 season with the right crops and can produce up to a thousand dollars in certain markets. There are some greens that are ready in 11 days so those can give 6 to 8 times easy… so potential is there knowing what crops to grow and when. Of course having someone to eat and buy it is the main thing in this so we’ve researched various types of ways to use it and the farm share and direct market sales in farmers market..
puddlepipe-mobile-truck-displayunits run of puddlepipe
  I’m finding out that there is a very high level of pesticides used in the agricultural business especially in large crops. I found the level of integrity in the small farmers realm or organic food growers methods and taste quality is impecable.  In our case I think replacing a needy lawn with food producing plants and utilizing the water and minimize your cost of living that those funds can go to other needed resources like going solar later. I understand that in some countries solar is prohibited because the government owns the power grid and would rather take than let the public contribute to the power grid and profit share.. blows me away.
  Here we’re paying everyone willing to go solar. My uncle took his tax return last year and invested in solar for his house now he gets monthly a check from so cal Edison for a minimum of $100 because his system generates more than they can ever use so that stored energy is used publicly.. the whole off grid idea log has some merits but really don’t pat as well as being a part of the system so I kinda have mixed feelings on this now… research sometimes can be overwhelming it seems…
  I just feel that working together with those in the community willing to learn or get their hands dirty have a future and in the process eat much better quality of food because we know exactly what went into growing it being fish water or just natural rock dust and black gold soil rich in nutrients and nitrates.  More updates soon so subscribe to our blog page and go visit our instagram pages Mr_Pimpmytattoo@IG or Pipedreamfarms@IG and
say Hello …
 We love answering questions so if you have some just go ahead and put them in the comments or if it’s really personal email it to us subject: My Urban Farm

Lets see how the USDA likes what we about to do..

Yes that’s right I’m going green is the plan. At some point in life we have to move forward and progress, learn to adjust with the times and technology in every aspect that confronts us and that is exactly what happened. I was slapped in the face with numerous signs and messages that just bothered me until I went and had to see for myself.

My father called me “Acido ” yes Acid because everything I got my hands on I tore apart and put it back together to see what made it work and sometimes I still do the same , Old habits die hard as they say. Well as most of you know I fell into gardening because the area where we settled is the best region for growing almost anything year round and boy did that spark some new life in our proximity. My wife can’t understand where the green thumb came from because in the decade we have been together I had helped her start a garden in Louisville prior to moving to Oregon and well from what I understand It was quite a scene. But she’s to blame for that one because I didn’t do anything but clear the area of grass and turn over the dirt. We both dropped the seeds and she took care of it while I worked on the road that year. Now shes seemed to have forgotten this because the story according to her is She don’t understand where all of a sudden everything I touch grows. Our land lady feels the same way but seriously I just make sure they get watered and don’t dry out which is the biggest reason for a garden to fail.

I had a bright idea to look into water gardens because I saw a video that claimed the usda and the agricultural department were removing the video wherever it played because it showed how to grow your own fish and veggies using both to sustain each other and never really waste hardly any water doing so, Which really got my attention.

Now I have stumbled upon a farming method that recycles water and creates an ecosystem that is very much self sustainable and cost effective regardless of the type of power supplying the pumps filters or lighting if any at all. Yes we’re using modern and old fashioned technology with some plain ole common sense.  I have stumbled on something so simple it’s stupid simple and we all learn these basic physics and natural science in grade school.

I have some extensive experience in construction, manufacturing, creating and wood working that such a task would take a journeyman from many aspects of building to complete the tall order and wide variety of skills.

This operation will involve raising fish and maintaining water quality while remaining green and producing edible organic veggies that would entice any adult to pull out their wallet to take some home. The lot will be graded to drain rain into a reservoir pond which will have a natural filter serving both ponds the second one being located in the greenhouses or in the middle moving water up to pipes using a paddle wheel and physics to feed the plants and aerate the fish pond which produces the nitrites, nitrates and alkaline that the plants , enzymes needed to grow produce worthy of any supermarket display.

The reservoir will also have a paddle wheel to deliver water from pond to pond and filters constantly working together utilizing the drainage from the hydroponic pipelines pushing the paddles downward and carrying the water up to the next series of pipes. A vicious circle that with the right planning and hard work has no reason it can’t make patent history. The pipe system is registered provisionally and has the potential to insure the life of the plants or a simple failsafe worth every penny for the pipe from us. The plants will live for up to 3 days depending on weather conditions shall the water supply stop, Something that crippled most hydroponic growers if they fell victim to a faulty hose or outage. #hydroponic #puddlepipe #system  One of the conditions of the land use agreement is to remain green and not use public utilities. So solar energy and physics will play major roles in the project and a signed land contract will be enough to kick it into high gear.

We will keep you updated with the proposal and wish us luck cause this one will need financing and any help or contributions. The rent on the acre of space is very affordable so this project is very close to being a pipedream come true with help from some great friends willing to give a hand and willing to trade for work in other arenas.


Recycling water over and over with a 5-10% depletion rate with the same 100 gallons just using a dechlorinator to keep from hurting fish while adding new fresh water if weather forces the plants to drink more  water. Professional fish farmers introduce 10% new water daily. Fish will eat up to 1/3 their weight daily and enjoy lettuce cabbage and citrus as treats and good source of nutrition.

Wish us luck and thank you for coming by to read the latest in the Pimpmytattoo world and our blog. More updates regularly.

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